Your Donations at Work

Milestones – In December 2015 Hope Clinic’s total benefit to our patients surpassed $1 million in market value of free services since opening in the CCC.  The total benefit provided to our clients and patients in 2015 exceeded $301,500.  Based on our income for the same period, this translated to $1.50 of benefit for every $1.00 contributed to the ministry.

The Western Oklahoma Family Care Center(WOFCC)  has been operating since October 2007 and serves four counties in western Oklahoma: Beckham, Roger Mills, & Washita, and Custer.  We maintain records for 1,849 households representing 4,237 individuals of whom 52% are children.  Over the most recent 12 months, WOFCC provided $24,486 in financial assistance from local donations and $14,034 in financial assistance as manager of the Salvation Army’s Elk City Service Unit.

Hope Dental Clinic opened on April 15th, 2011.  To date it has received 2,017 visits from 719 patients and performed $585,859 worth of services at local market value.  This translates to a 12-month average of $108,159.  These figures include extractions, restoration, & oral hygiene at the Clinic, oral restoration at Fuchs Dentistry (Nov 2011-Oct 2012), and extractions & restoration by the Oklahoma Dental Foundation (ODF) Mobile Smiles program (Jun 2013-Present).  ODF provides dental professionals, including senior students at Oklahoma University, who serve our patients both in our clinic and in their Mobile Unit.

Hope Medical Clinic opened on January 3rd, 2012.  To date it has received 2,922 visits from 780 patients and performed $583,979 worth of services at local market value.  This translates to a 12-month average of $125,138.  These figures include cancer screening, general healthcare, well woman exams, chiropractic care(Jan 2013-Feb 2013) , and prescriptions filled in our pharmacy which was licensed on February 9th, 2012.

The Respect Your Elders program collected $4,976 dollars since its inception in December 2012.  It distributed a number of TVs with stands and headphones to nursing home residents in Elk City and Clinton, purchased several sets of hearing aids for residents, provided clothing and shoes to many individuals, and hosted several activities.  It also cooperated with local churches to provide Christmas gifts to residents that do not receive items from family or friends during the Holiday Season.  The program is no longer active.

The Elk City chapter of Kiwanis International started an optometry program in December 2011 that provided a standard eye exam and 1 pair of standard glasses for qualifying applicants.  The program was administered by WOFCC and served 337 clients before ending in June 2014.