Annual Fundraiser

The 2016 Annual Fundraiser took place at the Elk City Civic Center on 15 November 2016.  THANK YOU to all who made it a fantastic evening and who donated generously to help us continue our mission.  Donations received at or in connection to the fundraiser totaled $38,450.  That gets us a little farther down the road of being able to serve God by serving those in need who live in our communities.


This year’s theme was UNSUNG HEROES.  What is an unsung hero?  It is someone who takes care of our community day after day without any celebrity or accolades.  Who are these people?  They are teachers, firemen, policemen, veterans, first responders, youth leaders, foster parents, and others who take on responsibility without regard for who notices.  This year we recognized 16 unsung heroes from throughout western Oklahoma.


It is time to take notice of these unsung heroes!

We are still out and about looking for unsung heroes.  If you would like to sponsor an unsung hero, you may do so for as little as $100.  While the banquet is over, we will recognize them on our Facebook page.  Just give us the name and a short bio and write up of why this person should be recognized.  Send the donation and the summary of action to the WOFCC and we will put your donation to work and give you Unsung Hero some much due recognition.


We will have more fund raising events in 2017 but for now we want to say thanks to all who contributed at the banquet.



Your donations keep us going and make a big difference.  We leverage every dollar received to produce over $1.50 worth of services.

Your donations matter!



Want to go the extra mile and then some.  Check out our donation levels for this year’s fundraiser.  You don’t have to wait for next year’s event.  We need monthly donors more than ever to keep this wonderful ministry alive and serving those in our own communities.