Volunteer Opportunities

The WOFCC has unlimited volunteer opportunities across a broad spectrum available to both individuals and organizations.  We ask that all volunteers complete an application which includes contact information, availability, interests, and capabilities.  Those interested in joining our ministry as volunteers should contact the WOFCC Main Office.

1. Main Office – Volunteer opportunities at the main office include (a) IT support for our server domain and web site, (b) teachers with computer software skills for our Career Center, (c) administrative support and data entry, (d) development/management of fund-raising activities, (e) publicity, (f) case management, and (g) personal counseling and life coaching.

2. Christi’s Bazaar – The WOFCC thrift store has volunteer opportunities for (a) receiving/sorting of donated items, (b) stocking and organizing merchandise on the sales floor, (c) custodial needs, and (d) sales clerks.  We also need volunteers to assist in the collection of donated items and distribution of advertising material.

3. Hope Clinic – Volunteer requirements at our Hope Clinic include both general needs as well as clinic specific needs.  General needs include (a) clinical administration, (b) volunteer coordination, and (c) management of equipment and supplies.

  • Volunteer needs at our Dental Clinic include (a) reception, (b) dental professionals (dentists, assistants, and hygienists), and (c) lab technicians (x-ray processing, equipment preparation, and bio-hazard treatment).
  • Volunteer needs at our Medical Clinic include (a) reception, and (b) healthcare professionals (physicians and nurses).
  • Volunteer needs at our Hope Clinic Pharmacy include (a) pharmacists, and (b) pharmacy technicians.

NOTE: There is a regular need for spanish-speaking volunteers who can assist with translation.  The need can be satisfied both in person and by telephone.  Individuals who are interested should make sure to include their capability and availability in their volunteer application.