The WOFCC seeks to help struggling individuals and families move away from being dependent upon social services toward being self-sufficient and productive citizens, especially where financial matters are concerned.  Financial aid from the WOFCC is neither a handout nor a welfare program.  Instead, clients will be entered into a program that will follow their progress on a regular basis.  Case managers will meet with clients to (a) discuss their immediate need and how it came about, (b) develop a plan to keep it from coming up again in the future, and (c) monitor progress toward executing that plan.  We are here to help you develop and take the steps necessary to stabilize your economic circumstances and get a fresh start in life.  Each of the services presented below is designed to accomplish these objectives.

Career Center – The WOFCC maintains a career center equipped with five identically configured state-of-the-art touch-screen computers.  The center is designed to serve multiple functions including (a) helping our clients complete their high school education (GED), (b) teaching our clients Windows and Microsoft Office skills that will enhance their eligibility and productivity in today’s job market, and (c) provide our clients with access to the internet for job searching and application purposes.

Clothing & Household Needs – The WOFCC owns and operates Christi’s Bazaar, a thrift store located at 112 South Main in Elk City.  The store offers new and gently used clothing, shoes, furniture, household items, and toys at thrift store rates.  Individuals and families who cannot afford to buy what their immediate needs require may apply for a voucher at the WOFCC Main Office.  The store can be contacted at (580) 225-0336.

Counseling – WOFCC clients can receive assistance with management of their personal finances as well as a variety of other personal issues.  All personal assistance services are available by appointment only and can be scheduled through the Main Office.

Hope Clinic

  1. Dental Clinic– The WOFCC owns and operates Hope Dental Clinic which offers tooth extractions, permanent fillings and dental hygiene free to qualifying individuals by appointment only.  Eligibility criteria include being uninsured, under-insured, or not being able to afford the treatment being sought (must be able to justify the need).  Applicants must apply for this assistance to receive an appointment and, upon applying, will be scheduled for the earliest possible date.  Appointments are completely dependent upon the number of dentists who are providing services at Hope Clinic.  After having submitted a completed application, patients can expect a delay of several weeks to several months before receiving an appointment.  Hope Dental Clinic is affiliated with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC), School of Dentistry, Department of Hygiene at the Western Technology Center in Weatherford to provide a practical environment for its dental hygiene students.  Services will be available to qualified applicants during fall and spring semesters when students are present in classes who have practical requirements.  A complete list of free and low cost dental services available in the state of Oklahoma can be found at
  2. Medical Clinic – The WOFCC owns and operates Hope Medical Clinic by appointment only.  Each clinic has its own eligibility criteria, and appointments can be secured by making specific application at the WOFCC main office.  General healthcare clinics are conducted by Dr. Pena on the first and second Monday evenings from 3:00-5:00, by Dr. Twidale on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings from 4:00-6:00, and by APRN Price once-a-month.  We have a licensed charitable pharmacy that dispenses prescription medications to patients who have been seen at Hope Medical Clinic only.  Our stock of prescription medications is available through donations from three area nursing homes: Bell Avenue, Elk City, and Hensley’s in Sayre.  The pharmacy does not under any circumstances maintain or dispense any narcotics or other controlled medications to its patients.

NOTE: WOFCC Personnel at the Main Office and receptionists in the clinics are not permitted to:

  • discuss an individual’s medical/dental situation with them
  • diagnosis an individual’s medical/dental condition
  • develop a treatment plan for an individual’s medical/dental condition
  • prescribe medications or lab requirements
  • substitute for a properly qualified and licensed medical professional in any other way.

Respect Your Elders – This initiative was brought to the WOFCC in December 2012 by Mrs. Christy Dixon who managed the program.  It was a nursing home ministry designed to help improve the quality of life and well-being of nursing home residents in our four-county service area; particularly those who don’t receive regular visits/care from family/friends.  It included providing TVs and headphones for residents with mobility challenges, hearing aids for the hearing impaired, properly fitting clothing and house shoes for those who essentially live in pajamas, and other personal items that are not being provided through outside sources.  The program also assisted nursing homes in group activities such as bingo by providing number callers and prizes.  The program is no longer in effect.

Travel Costs (WOFCC & Salvation Army) – Assistance may be available to help stranded travelers who are homeless and on their way to a location where their needs can be met either by their own means or through some other kind of aid.  Applicants may submit requests for this assistance at the WOFCC Main Office and must provide both an explanation for their current situation as well as suitable evidence of the assistance awaiting them at their proposed destination.  Applicants will be asked to have their identity validated by the Elk City Police Department and will be given a form to fill out and take to the Police Department.  Applications will be processed once the identity validation form is returned.

Utilities (WOFCC & Salvation Army) – For those who qualify assistance may be available for utility bills for individuals and families for their personal residence.  Applicants may apply for this assistance at the WOFCC Main Office after they have made every effort to pay their bills themselves, have been issued a utility disconnect notice, and have a regular income suitable to sustain themselves after this assistance has been applied.  NOTE: The availability of this assistance is completely dependent upon donated funds that are disbursed monthly on a first-come, first-served basis.